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Squad Server Rules

PRTA Squad Server Rules

1. General Rules

    1. English is the server language.
    2. You must join a squad!
    3. Don't advertise other clans or communities.
    4. Cheating, exploiting, griefing, trolling, racism and homophobia will not be tolerated.
    5. No player or squad names that are inappropriate, offensive, inflammatory or racist.

2. Microphone Rules

    1. Squad Leaders must, and all other players are strongly encouraged to have a working microphone.
    2. Squad Leaders may require Squad Members to have a working microphone at their discretion.
    3. All vehicle operators are required to have microphones.

3. Admin Discretion

    1. Admins are present to enforce the server rules and their instructions must be obeyed. Their priority is the continuation of fair gameplay and good teamwork for the enjoyment of all players.
    2. Rules will be enforced by first warning, kicking and in extreme cases banning. Admins may jump straight to banning or kicking if deemed necessary

4. Teamplay & Fairplay & Teamwork

    1. Don't team-kill. Apologise for accidents.
    2. Support your team, do not take your squad on an adventure far away from the objectives.
    3. Spawnkilling is frowned upon, if you see a FOB avoid spawn-killing on it as much as possible.
    4. Use direct comms when you are communicating with certain squads, avoid using global squadleader chat.

Assets, vehicles and claims

    1. Any squad that names themselves APC claim the following vehicles:
      1. BRDM-2, MT-LBM NSV, MT-LB PKT/ZU-23, MT-LB PKT, M1126 Stryker, FV432 Bulldog, MT-LBM 6MA, BTR-80, BTR-82, BFV Bradley, FV510 Warrior
    2. Any squad that names themselves Tank or Armor claim the following vehicles:
      1. Technical UB-32, M-ATV TOW, BRDM-2 Spandrel, Technical SPG-9, URAL 375D ZU23, Technical Armored SPG-9, M1A2 Abrams, T-72B3, T-62
    3. There may only be one squad claiming APC or Armor.
    4. Do not solo assets that required crewman to operate.

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