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Hey Squaddies!

We're kicking off the first SquadChat of the year with one of our favorite head honchos, lead producer Dave "drav" Mason!

The SquadChat will take place on Friday, January 25th, at 10 AM Pacific Time (1800 UTC) at http://twitch.tv/JoinSquad

We recommend following JoinSquad on Twitch so you'll get the notification when we go live. =)

Can't make it? Don't worry! It'll be archived in this thread, as well as on Youtube

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Contact! - The first Prep Battle!


The First Preparation Battle

Date: 26th of January
Time: 18:00 UTC
Server Password: TBA in TeamSpeak at 17:45UTC
Map: Dovre Winter (Vanilla) AAS STD

Russian Assets | 700 tickets
1 x Mi-8 (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
1 x BMP-3 (15 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
1 x BMP-2 (15 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
2 x Logi Truck (5 minute respawn)
3 x Trans Truck (5 minute respawn)
1 x GAZ Tigr Support (5 minute respawn)
2 x GAZ Tigr (5 minute delay, 5 minute respawn)

German Assets | 650 Tickets
1 x Bell UH-1D (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
1 x PUMA...
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One-Life Event - Swordfish


PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Swordfish | 19:00 PRT, 19th January 2019


Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: onelife
Map: Op. Marlin
Time/Date: 19:00 PRT, 19th JANUARY 2019

The situation

Terrorist threats in the east part of Beirut have reached a critical point. UN has deployed forces...
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PRTA Presents: Contact! A Project Reality Tournament


We are thrilled to announce PRTA's Project Reality tournament Contact!. The aim of this tournament is to provide a competitive, friendly, and enjoyable tournament experience for everyone wanting to join. Our aim is to set up two teams; with commanders who will build, oversee and command teams fighting bi-weekly to be the best in PR.

We decided to create this tournament because, as some of you may know, the PRT has come to an end and will be...
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One-Life Event - Cold Vengeance


PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Cold Vengeance | 19:00 PRT, 5th January 2019


Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: onelife
Map: Yamalia AAS Alt
Time/Date: 19:00 PRT, 5th JANUARY 2019

The situation

After the initial rescue mission 2 years ago, the intel...
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Hey soldiers!

Every now and then the folks back at HQ see fit to send us some shiny new gear! This holiday season, we've unwrapped a shiny new website. You may have noticed a few changes.

First and foremost, welcome to the modern web! We’ve overhauled just about everything to modern standards. Heck, we’ve even got a WYSIWYG editor in the backend now! Even better, we can feature more content without knocking the latest patch notes off the page.

Secondly, check out that calendar: it’s got a bunch of community and official events. Whether you’re looking for a SquadChat or the next round of organized play, there should be something going on in the Squad world for you. Want your event there? Let us know!

Third, we’ve got some more helpful links spread throughout the site,...
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Hey soldiers,

We're going to be running another playtest on a brand-spankin' new map and we need your help! The goal is to fill up a server, beat the heck out of a new map, and collect as much data as we can. Details below:

  • What: Testing the new map, Skorpo!
  • When: Sunday, December 16th @ 11:00 PST/1900 UTC
  • Where: Simply install the Squad - Public Testing entry in your Steam Library.

Please note that the testing app is an additional installation of Squad for

Have a problem, a bug, or some feedback? Be sure to join us in Discord or in the forums. We're looking forward to your thoughts!


Offworld Out.​

Continue reading...
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Hey soldiers,

Another batch of fixes is hot and ready to go. Here's to Squadtastic weekend!
Patch Notes
  • Fixed damage and effects bugs on the following projectiles: AT-4, Refleks, Kornet, TOW, M1A2 HEAT, T-72 Frag, Mortar HE & smoke
  • Fixed bipod movement getting stuck on upper/lower pitch limit
  • Fixed a bug in the role selection causing server performance issues
  • Fixed an exploit where you would have a model and weapons from the team you switched from
  • Fixed a bug preventing role selection on deployment screen after map change
  • Fixed a bug that would cause weapons on vehicles to be upside down
  • Fixed turret stabilization pitch not working for certain turret rotations
  • Fixed gearbox shifting...