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First of all, a late welcome to 2019! It will hopefully be another good year for PR:BF2.
Last year saw the release of v1.5 with the Polish forces and also this year we plan a big release! We are still hard at work at v1.6 and it's highly anticipated inclusion of the WW2 factions and maps. We know it's been a long development cycle and while it will take a bit longer still, we wanted to give you all a peak at what's in store for the next release. Not only with work done on the WW2 factions and maps, but also other content additions to PR in general.

Without further delay, here's an updated look of what we've recently finished or are still working on for the release of PR:BF2 v1.6 with WW2 implemented. However, this is by no means all that we have been working on, and only a small sample of what's in store for v1.6! Do note that all of this is still a...
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Hey Guys! As part of my grand "Type 21 Frigate" project for PR:Falklands, I needed to make the correct version of the Lynx (the HAS.2) to operate from its flight deck, based off of PR's existing Lynx AH.7 model. This, inevitably, lead to a total update and optimization of the original Lynx AH.7 and in turn the creation of the modern Lynx AH.9A variant of the Lynx.

British Army Air Corps Lynx AH.7

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As many of you noticed, for the last few days the website has been offline. This was done as a set of very necessary updates had to be applied. While these were planned a long time ago, we decided to do them now with a higher urgency as right before we took the website offline, we noticed that our forum database had been tampered with. However, at this time we do not believe any data was compromised. No passwords or personal data were acquired.

However, as a precaution and to start the upgraded forum with a fresh start in terms of security for all users, we have reset the passwords for everyone. Meaning you will have to use the password reset system to properly regain access to your account. As always, we recommend to never use the same password on two services and suggest to use a...
by Wicca at 22:58
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Contact! - The Second Campaign Battle!


The Second Campaign Battle

Date: 9th of March
Time: 18:00 UTC
Server Password: TBA in TeamSpeak at 17:45UTC
Map: Fools Road Custom AAS Standard

Russia | 600 Tickets
1 x BMP-2 (10 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
2 x BTR-80 (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
3 x Logi Truck (5 minute respawn)
2 x Trans Truck (5 minute respawn)
3 x TIGR (armed) (5 minute respawn)
1 x TIGR (unarmed) (5 minute respawn)

MEC | 600 Tickets
1 x BMP-2 (10 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
2 x...
by Wicca at 22:28
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Contact! - Ribbons have arrived!



If you are part of the Contact! tournament this applies to you. The tournament currently has had 2 preparation matches and during the campaign we will award special ribbons to players that distinguish themselves. Feel free to join by using the following links:
  • Want to contribute to the tournament? Apply here.
  • Interested in taking up a leadership role in one of the teams? Apply here.
  • Want to become a grunt...
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With the ink still drying on all the plans, we wanted to get a headstart on some exciting news: we’ll have a booth at PAX East this year. Even better, we’d like to bring a few of you along with us!

We’re seeking a few Offworld Industries fans that will be in the Boston-area to be our community ambassadors on the show floor. Yep, you get to come to PAX East with the developers and talk about games all day! Oh, you’ll also be attending one of the largest public gaming events featuring panels, concerts, and hundreds of new games across every platform — including...
by Wicca at 08:13
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Contact! - The First Campaign Battle!


The first Campaign Battle

Date: 23rd of February
Time: 18:00 UTC
Server Password: TBA in TeamSpeak at 17:45UTC
Map: Operation Thunder Custom AAS Standard

US Army | 700 Tickets
1 x Apache (20 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
2 x Blackhawk (5 minute respawn)
2 x M1A2 Abrams (15 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
2 x M2A2 Bradley (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
2 x Logi Truck (5 minute respawn)
2 x Trans Truck (5 minute respawn)
2 x Humvee (.50cal) (5 minute respawn)
2 x Humvee (Transport) (5 minute respawn)

Israel | 700 Tickets
1 x Apache (20...
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Hey soldiers!

We're back with a recap in a brand new year! Hopefully, you're off burning those holiday feasts at the gym, but if your New Year's resolution is running out of construction points, maybe we can distract you with some Squad news! Let's hit the recap:

4.21 Engine Update


Engine upgrades bring long-awaited improvements to the development of Squad. We've jumped a number of versions this time around, from 4.16 to 4.21 to be exact. A detailed list of the changes and updates in UE4.21 can be found here. Engine upgrades are always a tricky task, but the rewards far outweigh the cons and the team is making swift progress. Once...
by Wicca at 20:14
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Contact! - The Second Prep Battle!


The Second Preparation Battle

Date: 9th of Februrary
Time: 18:00 UTC
Server Password: TBA in TeamSpeak at 17:45UTC
Map: Operation Marlin Custom AAS ALT

Polish Assets | 650 Tickets
1 x Mi-8 (10 minute respawn)
2 x BWP-1 (15 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
1 x Rosomak (10 minute respawn)
2 x Logi Truck (5 minute respawn)
2 x Trans Truck (5 minute respawn)
2 x Scorpion (10 minute respawn)
3 x Honker (5 minute respawn)

German Assets | 650 Tickets
1 x NH-90 (10 minute respawn)
2 x PUMA IFV (15 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
1 x PUMA APC (10 minute respawn)