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Hey squaddies!

Alpha 15 is freshly deployed and ready for action. If you haven’t auto-downloaded the update, head over to your Steam client and get started! While you’re waiting, check out the latest patch video:

Yep: they’re finally coming! The first iteration of tutorials! Here’s to all the squad leaders who braved the Summer Sale. Oh, and let’s not forget the 550RPM death machine that is the BMP-2. Read on for the full list of changes:




  • Added an Infantry Tutorial orientated at teaching new players the basic ropes of Squad.
  • Added an Interface Tutorial that...
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Hey squaddies!

We’re taking Alpha 15 into testing and that means we need you! The update will be rolling out to the Squad – Public Testing Client shortly. You won’t need a password, simply install the testing app. (Note: It is a full, second Squad install — be sure you have enough space!)

The test does not have a set duration at this time — we’ll be running it as long as we need to collect as much data as possible.

Below is an abridged list of changes to get you up and running. A complete Alpha 15 changelog will accompany the full release.



As this is a pre-release test, we’ll be hosting a couple of servers ourselves. For the time being, servers will be limited to Offworld Industries hosted machines:

2 in Montreal, Canada
2 in Örebro, Sweden

Server #1 on each location is running newly optimized maps....
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Hey squaddies!

We’ve got a quick update to bring mods back to life! We’re throwing in some fixes too.



  • Added the ability to download required modifications from Steam while joining a server.
  • Added Mod details from Steam Workshop for the server-loaded mods

  • Added Wrench icon for modded servers (grey for no mods, white for modded)
  • Added Mod names on the server details panel on the right side of the server browser
  • Added list of missing mods when trying to join a server
  • Added button to Exit or Download the missing mod
  • Added progress text for the download status
  • Added loading status in case it fails or is successful
  • Added button for canceling in-progress mod download

Additional UI improvements for modding will be...
by PRTA Bot at 23:24
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It’s here! It’s here!

The Squad Editor has been updated. This means modders can start bringing their mods back online! A client-side patch will be released at a later date to update support for players.

If you’re just getting started, be sure to join the Modding Hub Discord. It’s a great place to get your questions answered by the community and OWI alike!

Our Blueprint Developer Renn has prepared a quick introduction to some of the changes.

He’s currently producing a follow-up video to help folks with the update, fixing bugs, and redeploying with the new Editor version. Stay tuned for that as soon as it’s ready. =)

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by PRTA Bot at 21:02
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Hey squaddies!

Many of you have been asking when Squad would next go on sale and we promised to shout loud and clear when it was time. IT’S TIME!

Still feeling a little flush? Our pals at Periscope Games are offering 40% off Post Scriptum featuring their latest map, Grave.


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by PRTA Bot at 19:32
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Hey squaddies,

Bet you didn’t expect to see Alpha 14 so soon! We’ve been working hard to get patches out more quickly and the results are paying off. Speaking off, let’s check out the latest bounty of changes:




The ragdoll system has been updated to improve the overall look when a soldier goes into the ragdoll state, such as when incapacitated or run over by a vehicle. Soldiers getting hit by vehicles should look more realistic, and there should be less twitching of corpses in most cases. However, as this is still a work in progress, there may still be an occasional visual glitch.


This upgrade introduces a variety of hotfixes implemented to the version implemented in...
by PRTA Bot at 22:13
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Hey squaddies,

Starting with the test of Alpha 13, we put out a survey, and then followed it up as Alpha 13 went into broader distribution. We’ve been reviewing the data and wanted to share some of the things we’ve learned. A note before we big: due to our development schedule, there’s likely to be about (roughly) a patch delay between surveys and any changes implemented based on their results. We want to make sure we’re doing due diligence on analysis and planning. Without further ado, let’s look at some numbers!


It should come as no surprise that veteran squaddies put on a strong showing — nearly 90% of about 1200 respondents in the first survey had played over 100 hours, with about 33% having played more than 1000 hours. The second survey had over 4000 responses with about 75% of them having played more than 100 hours. With that in mind, it’s safe to say there’s a lot...
by Wicca at 14:09
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Contact! - the End of the Campaign!


Congratulations to RIF for winning the sixth and last battle!

After losing bunkers, holding the line was the only option, attrition did the rest for RIF which took the win:


We are awarding 6 points to BGB and 10 points to RIF, bringing the total number of campaign points to:

RIF: 55
BGB: 41
Here is the admins' perspective of the battle

Both teams deployed to their 2nd and first flags, although both expecting a rush had 2 squads on their 2nd flag. It's easy to see where the fight would stand...
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Be advised, squaddies:

Intel indicates a new armored threat is active in our AO. Stand by for follow-on images.


3840×2160 (32mb)​

3440 × 1440 (19mb)​

1920×1080 (8mb)​


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Hey soldiers!

As many of you noticed, we’ve been polling for feedback via the in-game announcements recently and we wanted to give you a quick update on how that’s going.

As of today, we’ve collected a few thousand responses and have disabled new entries — stay tuned for the next one if you missed your chance!

Our next steps are to review that data, analyze it, report back, and assimilate it into Squad where possible.

This process is still pretty new, so we appreciate your patience as we give it its shakedown run, and we REALLY appreciate your participation in the survey. Thank you all so much for helping shape the future of Squad!


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